July 3, 2020
Graphic design

Digital design tools for interior

Besides buying a house during crisis there is much more you need to take in to account when buying a house. Besides all the crucial things, as the neighborhood, the size, etc. there the interior is crucial as well. You can buy a beautiful house from the outside, but if the inside doesn’t look nice than it is a bummer for the entire apartment. besides the basics for me the Interior Design has gained a crucial relevance to me.

Don’t take me to the furniture store!

Let’s get back here, I hated to go to visit stores for kitchens, furniture, beds all these things. I hated it! We have a special name for these (I used to call) horrible stores De Meubelboulevard. The time when you had a day off with your parents and rather than going to the Zoo, Movies, Theme park you go to the.. IKEA. I can now say that these months I have spent more time visiting the IKEA than my entire life, and because these days I have a goal when going it isn’t that bad actually.. Did I say that?

It’s not that I’ve never lived on my own, it was more that I chose my furniture 100% practical and especially the ones that are usable within 5 minutes and not require many tools. This wasn’t because I was lazy this was mostly because I always had rental apartments, and my idea was why spend weeks making it pretty and appealing to me when this is just a short term stay for me anyways.

Never did I expect to take a week of from my job to go crazy on interior design, visit a construction market a day and go to IKEA more in one week than I’ve been in my entire life. But since this house the moment has come.

Now let’s get back to the relevance of this article and how show you how to use UX/UI Design skills to make this house an interior design palace.

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