July 3, 2020

Trending Minimal Architecture in Europe

I used simple Figma to get some idea of a how a room would look with certain colors. This was a great way to show it to my girlfriend and makes it so much easier to discuss color. See below one of the iterations. It isn’t perfect, but it gives an impression.

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I’m always wondering how other people design their house, so please share it to me! Thank you! I hope this article helped you a bit to make your house look like a interior design palace as well. In case you want to know more or have questions feel free to reach out or connect me via email.

Living room: This should be the warm place. Here I don’t want to be necessarily productive and energized. Here I want it to be cozy and playful. Choosing for a warm laminating wooden look combined with bamboo and sandy colors. But again a little wall has been painted Oase (green forest look), a similar colored couch and light pink and ocher yellow chairs for the dining table. This sounds probably a bit much, our living room has quite some space that this doesn’t over do it, but gives a perfect amount of color and life to the room.

Bedroom: The final room I want to touch upon is the bedroom. This is my yoga retreat place. Doesn’t necessarily mean I have to do yoga here all the time, but it is a place where I can find peace. We use light laminating floor wooden look, combined with sand colored curtains, a lot of bamboo and a very light

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