July 3, 2020
Graphic design

UX in the house

Translating this UX to my house. When I enter the house it should be straight forward where I can find certain things. This also holds true for other people entering the house. and friends visiting should know were to find most relevant stuff. Like the garbage can, this should be a color that easily catches your eyes.

I always hate it when I enter a friend’s house and I have to ask where to find the garbage can. We decided to go for yellow beautifully designed ones. This because it stands out from the white kitchen, green plats and the grey floor.

Besides designing for user-friendliness it is also important to design for engagement. This will helps to get the user to come back to the app more often, and of course, this should have benefits to the user. We don’t go into dark UX/UI patterns here.

The UI is about the user interface. I want to broaden the definition that it’s about the look and engagement of a product. How can you make the product stand out. The difference between these two have been elaborately touched upon by many authors so I won’t go into much detail.

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